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Are your kids constantly told you they were being yelled and tease by their friends?

Do you notice little bruises on their body? Or they are trying to avoid school?

These are some of the common symptoms that hint you that your kids are the victim of bullies in school.

You may have just ignore these hints and assume everything is fine. But if this prolong, it will cause huge impact to your child’s social life & decrease in their self-confidence.

Did You Know?

Your kids may have been repeatedly harass, intimidate, hit or ignore by their schoolmates which is stronger than them.

These normally happen to boys but girls will usually being emotionally bully.

Bullying can be of many forms:

Physical – hitting, shoving or taking money/belongings

Emotional – threats, insults or ignored

Kids are often being teased about their appearance, the way they talk, what they wear, their size, their race & religion…

These will affect their ability to social, make new friends and even stress.

It Is Never Too Late To Stop The Bully!

Thousands of kids suffering the same situation have given up and continued struggling during childhood with frustrations and un-fulfilment. As parents, I don’t think you want to witness that…

However, there are also thousands who have chosen to make a difference in their lives, and your child can be part of this group!



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Here's What You Can Learn:

  • Ways to prevent bully in school
  • Have knowledge about your child’s psychological effects
  • Encourage them to face their fears
  • The Do’s and Do Not’s when guiding your child
  • How to inform the teachers or the authorities about the situation in school
  • What and what not to do when your child are depressed
  • And more…..

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However, you can overcome this if you put your heart and soul to it!

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